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Capture the flavour of the Creston Valley all summer long with local produce found at one of the many fruit and vegetable stands along Highway 3 East or Erickson Street. Historically, Creston has been famous for it's Spartan apples. Now the Lapin and Sweetheart cherries from the Creston Valley are being shipped worldwide. With tree fruit production second only to the Okanagan, many of the local farmers will have signs luring you up their driveways to try some freshly picked cherries, peaches, apples or pears. To find out more about the orchards, take an orchard tour at one of the many fruit and vegetable markets along Highway 3 East. If you are feeling especially ambitious, there are many more locations where you can pick your own fruit or vegetables.

The Creston Flats have some of the best soils in Canada and a climate to match. The wide open valley has a prairie atmosphere with grain farms, beef and dairy operations, the province's largest seed potato farm, and western Canada's largest ostrich ranch. With the mild climate, two crops of hay and sometimes three in a growing season are not uncommon. Many farmers enjoy raising pleasure horses, llamas, goats, and sheep. A number of organic market gardens are also sprouting up in the valley. The news is they are barely able to keep up with demand! Check the list of reopening dates on page 19, so you don't miss your chance at the freshest of your favorite vegetables and fruits.

Spring finds the many nurseries and greenhouses humming with activity as residents and visitors buy their annual seeds and search for that special perennial or shrub to add to their garden. Many of the residents have retired here from colder climates and are delighted to find themselves able to grow peach trees, rhododendrons, and magnolias.

Creston celebrates its agricultural heritage with a number of events. The Blossom Festival over the May long weekend celebrates the blooming of the fruit trees. The Garden Festival in July is a chance for gardeners to share their gardens and knowledge. The annual Fall Fair showcases the harvests of the valley, and the season wraps up with the Harvest Ball in the fall when the crops are in and the farming community marks another bloomin' year.

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