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Learn more about the Creston Community! Local Lifestyle...Things To See & Do! Businesses and Services in the Creston ValleyTourist Guide To The Creston and Kootenay Lake Valley and Area

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Touring Experiences

We have been discovered as a safe destination and yet the natural culture of the area is still intact, unlike so many other destinations. Perhaps the impact has been defused through the diversity of visitor interests within this country community atmosphere. We accommodate people at all stages of life and interests with experiences that give tour operators recognition reserved for sages. Our Chamber of Commerce office is the catalyst in helping coordinate successful Bus Tours and Enthusiast Group Tours.

Self-guided tours are very popular for many folks who want to discover the unique culture of the area for themselves and scenery that captures the heart. Whether you are a motorbike enthusiast, road biker, nostalgia or sports car driver you’ll find our secondary highways enthralling and breath taking.

Coordinated Tours

“…this is an excellent site. Our bookings for the Garden Festival are coming along quite well and we are really pleased.”

“I must pass along kudos to you and your Chamber of Commerce / Tourism offices.In all my research, getting information, having questions answered and professionalism in the industry - Creston definitely leads the way. I'm very impressed and I think you should be very proud of what you have created.”

Linda Cutler – Anderson Tours, Sherwood Park Alberta Just tell Wendi at the Chamber of Commerce what type of experience you are looking for and she’ll try and help make the contacts necessary to accommodate your needs. Some unusual experiences not available to the general public require insider knowledge and influence. This is where our Chamber of Commerce Tour Operator service shines.

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          August 3rd and 4th 2002
Photos By: David R. Gluns

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