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About Our Business & Services

It is hard to imagine the diversity of businesses in the Creston Valley, especially since many are not visible to the passer by. This is where our business directories can help and the Creston and District Chamber of Commerce. Many folks have followed their passion and are providing services and products that are marketed locally and outside of the valley. Our agriculture and forestry industry have been producing quality specialty products internationally for decades and are the backbone of our economy. We have a large service sector that accommodates the majority of needs of our community. Those of you who appreciate local culture will be delighted to also find it in our business community. Perhaps it is being rural that brings out the character in us that is stifled in a larger center! Even though we have a nostalgic feel to our business community we are current in our business practices and our technology helps us maintain professional standards. Enjoy!

Business and Services:

The Creston and Kootenay Lake Valley is a fully self-contained business and services community that meets the majority of the residdential and business needs with room for more. The resource sector of our community has given birth to many value-added businesses. The advent of the Internet has inspired many e-commerce ventures that vary from the sale of locally-made products and media productions to travel tours for international markets. Our proximety to the US and the favorable exchange rate gives a strong competitive advantage to our exporters. It's the valley's diversity that contributes to our stable economy. Whether you're a customer or a company, Creston is striving to make doing business here a positive experience.

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